The Rare Herbal Compound That Works Like Magic

There are some really rare herbal compounds that grow in the wild that offer potential health benefits to people who use them. The only problem is, though, that we rarely have access to them, and if we do, they are quite expensive. One of these compounds is called shatavari. Here's what you need to know about shatavari…

What Is Shatavari?

Shatavari {Asparagus racemosus -Satavar, Shatavari, or Shatamull} is a plant that looks like asparagus and grows high in the Himalayas. It is a very unusual looking plant, and will only grow in very specific conditions. Because of this, it is relatively uncommon. It is incredibly difficult to cultivate shatavari in an artificial environment, so most of the shatavari that people use is wild. Unlike many other Indian herbs, shatavari flowers and produces fruit. But, the shatavari roots are what most people are after. After the plant has grown to maturity, their roots are harvested, dried, and ground into fine powder. After this process has been completed, shatavari is ready to use.

How Can Shatavari Be Used?

One of the most popular uses for the shatavari root is in rejuvenating female fertility. It is also supposed to improve overall health and provide energy. When it is combined with other herbal supplements and taken on a somewhat regular basis, the results it delivers are incredible. It is one of those products that when taken alone doesn't have much effect, but when mixed together with other herbs like ashwaganda, it works wonders.

Are There Any Side Effects To Using Shatavari?

Shatavari side effects are virtually nonexistent. It is worth noting that there have been very few official medical studies on this plant, as it is still very rare and difficult to obtain. (its not like you can walk down to a corner store and buy shatavari off the shelf) But, more research is being done everry day, and every study has shown that there are no shatavari side effects to worry about.

Can Shatavari Be Used By Pregnant Women?

One concern many people have is whether they can use shatavari in pregnancy. The answer to this question should be answered by your doctor. It is important to consider consulting a doctor any time you start taking any medication or herbal compound when you were pregnant – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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