Health Benefits of Coffee

Can drinking coffee give any benefits to health?

We have all heard the stories about how coffee is bad for our health and how we should switch to a coffee substitute like Ayurvedic Roast Coffee. But, more and more research is being done every day, and some doctors are stating that coffee isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be there may actually be many health benefits of coffee and tea drinking. Here are some of the main reported health benefits of coffee drinking and tea drinking.

Does it Help Prevent Diabetes?

One of the main purported health benefits of coffee drinking is the decreased chance of diabetes. There are research studies that indicate that people who drink coffee on a regular basis have a much lower chance of getting diabetes than people who don't drink coffee. However, these studies have been contested by prominent researchers.

Can it Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes?

Common logic concludes that increased caffeine consumption increases your chances of having a heart attack, but is that always true? Some studies have shown that people who drink 1 to 3 cups of coffee per day were 20% less likely to be admitted to the hospital for heart rhythm related problems. This goes against the dogma we have been following for years. But can all health studies be trusted? Not as long as the long arm of corporate funding of so called "scientific studies" reaches into our even most respected laboratories and universities.

Does it Prevents Alzheimer's?

This probably sounds like backwards logic, but some studies seemed to indicate that if you drink 3 to 5 cups of coffee per day, your risk of developing Alzheimer's drops 65%. Doctors don't know the exact mechanisms that make this possible, but even if the actual drop was half that big, it is still a big deal. But can this study be trusted? I would take anything that suggests coffee is good for you with a big, salty grain of Himalayan Salt.

Can it Help You Lose Weight? (probably not!)

One of the last purported health benefits of coffee drinking is that it may help you lose weight. Is it a diet drink? No, it isn't. But, the supposed benefits caffeine in coffee and tea has been floated by manufacturers in two ways. First, it is a stimulant, so it can help raise your metabolism a little, meaning that your body will burn more calories. Also, caffeine is an appetite suppressant, so when you have caffeine in your system, you are likely to eat less, which is the only way you can loose weight. When you add all these facts together, of course coffee and tea might help you lose weight! But what about the dangers of caffeine? What about the effects on the endocrine system? The glands, and hormones? I think this is a true case of the bad effects truly outweigh any potential good benefits!

There are many stated "proven" health benefits of coffee and tea drinking that many people flout as "fact". The bottom line is that caffeine is bad for you, and that caffeine does nothing but harm your health and make you age faster. This is obvious to anyone with common sense. But, if it makes you feel better, why not try this plan alternate between black coffee and Ayurvedic Roast Coffee. Ayurvedic Roast Coffee tastes like coffee, but it is made from barley, rye, chicory and herbs, so it offers its own set of health benefits. You will get the purported benefits from drinking real coffee and the health benefits from drinking Ayurvedic Roast Coffee you can't lose. Try adding both into your daily diet and see how tasty a caffeine free beverage can be.

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