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What Are Some High Quality Coffee Substitute Drinks?

It seems as though everyone is trying to kick their caffeine habit. It’s not easy, though – the allure of a warm, rich cup of coffee is addicting. But, luckily for you, there are many high quality coffee substitute products that can make the transition a lot easier for you. But, what is a coffee substitute? Do they really taste as good as coffee? What instant coffee substitute products are available? Here is some background information on coffee substitutes

What Is A Coffee Substitute?

A coffee substitute is any product that is designed to taste like coffee, but doesn’t actually contain any coffee beans. There are many different kinds of coffee substitute drinks available, with the most common being instant coffee substitute. Most coffee substitute products are made from a combination of roasted grains (like rye and barley) and other organic compounds like chicory root and even herbs. One of the main benefits to using a coffee substitute is the fact that the product contains no caffeine. Most people are unaware that even decaffeinated coffee still contains some caffeine – this is not the case with a coffee substitute.

Do Coffee Substitute Drinks Really Taste Like Coffee?

The first question almost every one has about instant coffee substitute drinks are whether they actually taste like coffee. The answer to this question is both yes and no. No, it doesn’t taste 100% like real coffee – that would be impossible to attain without the inclusion of coffee beans. But, yes, it does taste similar to normal coffee, and many people would state that it even tastes better. There is no bitterness in a coffee substitute, and you can drink them all day without any adverse effects.

What Are My Options?

The marketplace for substitute coffee drinks is growing by the day. There are more and more instant coffee substitute drinks being released everyday to fill every niche in the coffee drinkers marketplace. Some of the most common are Pero coffee substitute, Postum coffee substitute, and something called Ayurvedic Roast coffee. Pero and Postum coffee substitutes are great basic coffee drinks, but if you are looking for something very special, you need to have a look at Ayurvedic Roast herbal coffee. It uses a similar barley, rye and chicory combination that is pretty standard in the industry, but it also includes some French vanilla flavor and three health enhancing herbs in their formula. It is also 100% certified organic, so you know you are drinking something very pure.

There really is no reason to drink normal coffee any more – there are many good coffee substitute drinks that can fill that void. They taste just as good, if not better than real coffee, and they don’t have any of the negative side effects a high caffeine intake will cause. If you are trying to cut down on your caffeine intake, look into the various coffee substitutes that are available for you today! A quality product like Ayurvedic Roast coffee will make you forget normal coffee ever existed!

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— April T. , San Diego, California

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