Coffee Nutrition Facts

Here's What You Need To Know

Do you track how many calories are in your food? Do you know the coffee nutrition facts of the beverage you drink every morning? If you donít, you are like pretty much everyone else. You donít need to count every calorie and every gram of food you eat, but it is nice to know what you are putting into your body and what effect it has on your health. But, this brings up the following question Ė Are there any calories in coffee? What are the coffee nutrition facts I need to know? Well, if you drink coffee every day, hereís what you need to knowÖ

Does Coffee Actually Have Any Nutritional Value?

A lot of people who look for coffee nutrition facts are surprised to find out that coffee doesnít contain any calories. It truly is a calorie free drink Ė when you drink it black. When you start adding cream, sugar and other additives Ė thatís where the calories come in. Most people who donít know about nutrition donít understand that the cream and the sugar that they add in their coffee can actually add up to over 100 calories! When you start getting into flavored coffee, the calories can go even higher.

What Are Some High Calorie Coffee Drinks?

There are many high calorie coffee drinks available. Actually, it may be more accurate to say that there are many high calorie drinks around that taste like coffee. If you look at some of the sweetened French vanilla coffee nutrition facts, you would be amazed at how many calories are in them. Next time you go to a coffee shop, ask to see the nutritional information of their best tasting coffee drink Ė you may be amazed to find out it has just as many calories as an equivalent sized glass of Pepsi! In simple terms, the sweeter and creamier the coffee drink tastes, the more calories it contains.

What Are Some Healthier Alternatives?

There are many healthier alternatives to drinking these high calorie coffee drinks. If you look at the caribou coffee nutrition facts, iced coffee nutrition facts (unsweetened) or even the McDonalds coffee nutrition facts, you will see that they are actually quite healthy. But, one of the healthiest alternatives is something called Ayurvedic Roast Coffee. This is a coffee drink that has no caffeine, no calories and tastes great! The blend is mixed with herbs to give it itís unique flavor, and it offers many health benefits that you wonít be able to get from normal coffee.

It is always a good idea to do some research on the coffee nutrition facts of the beverages you drink. It only takes a minute, and you will have the peace of mind knowing exactly what you are putting into your body. If you donít want to worry about any of that, just drink Ayurvedic Roast Coffee instead! It is caffeine free, calorie free, it tastes great, and it is good for you. What more could you ask for?

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